Court facilities and security

Find out how to get in and around the court building in Melbourne and what to do in an emergency.

Changes to the security entrance processes in response to COVID-19

Victorian courts are changing security screening processes for legal practitioners and Victoria Police to reduce congestion and comply with social distancing requirements in response to coronavirus (COVID-19).

New entry process for legal practitioners and Victoria Police

From 15 April 2020, legal practitioners and members of Victoria Police will be exempt from proceeding through the normal security entrance screening process at court buildings.

Instead, they will be required to produce a valid and current official identification card (which must include the name and current photograph of the person) issued by the Victorian Bar, Law Institute of Victoria, Office of Public Prosecutions, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions or Victoria Legal Aid. Cards are to be displayed in such a way so that Court Security Officers (CSOs) can be satisfied that the identity of the practitioner or member matches the card, but not handed to them. CSOs may ask for additional identification where necessary.

Practitioners and members who do not have an identification card will be required to proceed through the normal security screening process.

These new arrangements were introduced at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and the Children’s Court on 27 March, 2020. They have proved effective and will now be extended to all courts across Victoria.

Other measures

For those required to pass through the ordinary entry screening, a new process will be introduced to reduce the use of hand-held wands and, where they are necessary, to avoid contact and provide distance.

Additional cleaning measures have also been introduced for screening equipment and trays.

Security Procedures at the County Court

In order to provide a safe and secure facility, people attending Court will be required to pass through the weapons detection system located at the main entrance foyer. Anything you bring with you to court will also be scanned.

The weapons detection system is similar to those systems located at airports and the types of prohibited items are similar.

For more detail, please read the Court's security policy.

Finding your way around

There are floor level plans showing court rooms, lifts, stairs and interview room locations.

In the event of an emergency, please listen carefully to any announcements and follow the instructions of the Court security personnel.

The court building

The court building is owned and managed by The Liberty Group Consortium Pty Ltd (TLG).

When not in use by the County Court, courtrooms may be hired for: arbitrations and mediations; courts, boards, commissions, or tribunals; and seminars, lectures, and moot courts.

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Page last updated: 23 April 2020