Circuit Courts

Including Melbourne, the County Court of Victoria sits at 12 locations across Victoria.

The 11 court locations outside of Melbourne are called circuit locations. Those locations are: Bairnsdale, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Horsham, Latrobe Valley (Morwell), Mildura, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Warrnambool and Wodonga.

The Court schedules a number of four or five-week sitting periods (known as circuits) at each circuit location every year.

Hearing dates

Cases listed at circuit locations are usually not given fixed hearing dates. Instead, they are given a circuit commencement date which is the first day of the sitting period. The cases form part of a rolling list and are called on by the Court at short notice. All parties are expected to be available and ready to proceed with their matters when called upon.

Find case hearing details for matters being heard at regional locations on the Circuit Daily List.

Criminal circuits

Criminal circuits contain trials and pleas committed to the County Court from regional Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts. Matters that are appealed from regional Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts are also heard in criminal circuits. Criminal circuits are held at all 11 circuit locations.

Any trial not reached during the circuit to which it is allocated will either be formally listed for a new circuit commencement date, or will be set down for a circuit directions hearing. Trials are not automatically rolled into the next circuit.

Parties will be advised in writing of the future listing date by the Melbourne Circuit Team.

If a plea or appeal is not reached during the circuit to which it was committed or appealed, it will be rolled into the following circuit, unless otherwise ordered. If you have questions about this, please contact the relevant circuit registry.

Civil circuits

Civil circuits contain both common law and commercial matters. They are held at nine of the Court’s 11 circuit locations: Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Mildura, Latrobe Valley, Shepparton, Wangaratta, Warrnambool and Wodonga.

Circuit rosters

The County Court circuit roster contains details of all scheduled criminal and civil circuits. It is updated regularly to include alterations, cancellations and additions to scheduled circuits. If you have any questions about circuit rosters, please contact the County Court Manager of Circuit Operations.

View the roster for circuit sittings this year in the County Court sittings 2021.


Melbourne Circuit Team

County Court Manager Circuit Operations: 03 8636 6504
Circuit Administrator: 03 8636 6404
Circuit Registry Officer: 03 8636 6546

Circuit criminal and appeal matters

Circuit directions hearings and appeal (first listing) hearings:

  • Melbourne Circuit Team.

Circuit matters listed for a directions hearing in the Sexual Offences List:

Circuit trials and conviction and sentence appeals:

  • before circuit begins: Melbourne Circuit Team.
  • once the circuit has started: relevant circuit registry.

Circuit pleas and sentence-only appeals:

  • listing date enquiries: relevant circuit registry.
  • other enquiries: Melbourne Circuit Team.

Requests for hearings (all circuit criminal and appeal matters):

  • directions hearings: Melbourne Circuit Team.
  • application for change of venue: Melbourne Circuit Team.
  • application for change of plea: Melbourne Circuit Team.
  • consent bail variations: Melbourne Circuit Team.
  • contested bail variations: General List or Sexual Offences List (depending on the nature of the matter).
  • other contested applications: General List or Sexual Offences List (depending on the nature of the matter).
  • all other circuit listing enquiries: Melbourne Circuit Team.

eLodged documents:


  • refer to circuit matters listed in the ‘Circuit Directions Hearing List’ and ‘Circuit matters listed in the Sexual Offences List’ sections on the Circuit List page.

Civil matters


  • relevant circuit registry.

consent orders:

eFiled documents:

Interlocutory listing enquiries:

Trial or Serious Injury Application listing enquiries:

  • relevant circuit registry.

Circuit locations


Address: Nicholson St.
Phone: 03 5198 8600


Address: 100 Grenville St South.
Phone: 03 4334 6000


Address: 71 Pall Mall.
Phone: 03 4436 3840


Address: Railway Tce.
Phone: 03 4249 4800


Address: 20 Roberts Ave.
Phone: 03 4309 6100

Latrobe Valley

Address: 134 Commercial Rd, Morwell.
Phone: 03 5194 4300


Address: 56 Deakin Ave.
Phone: 03 5021 6000


Address: 14 High St.
Phone: 03 5895 4444


Address: Faithfull St.
Phone: 03 5721 0900


Address: 218 Koroit St.
Phone: 03 4505 0800


Address: 5 Elgin Blvd.
Phone: 02 6043 7000

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Page last updated: 19 April 2021