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[Screen Title: Witness Information: Going to the Melbourne County Court]

Instructor speaking

This video will cover options for getting to court, dress codes and expectations for court, passing through security, places to get help, and courtroom behavior.

[Vision: Top-down street map showing William Street, Lonsdale Street and Little Lonsdale Street, and lines indicating train, tram and bus routes along each]

There are a number of ways to get to the County Court. You can get to the court precinct by train, tram, or bus.

[Vision: County Court building exterior]

The County Court is located at 250 William Street, Melbourne.

When preparing for court, ensure you wear neat attire.

[Vision: Security x-ray machine and female passing through]

Once in the court building, you'll need to enter by security.

Please place any loose items through the x-ray scanner and proceed through the body scanner as directed by security staff.

This procedure is to ensure the safety of you and other attendees.

Don't forget to collect your items.

[Vision: Registry office and desk]

Follow the path around the Court Registry to be directed to your correct courtroom.

[Vision: Court electronic list signage]

Alternatively, you can use the court list to find the matter and the courtroom location.

[Vision: Court lifts]

Once you have your court location, proceed to the lifts and find your courtroom.

[Vision: Waiting area outside courtrooms]

Outside the courtroom, you will find a waiting area.

[Vision: Courtroom door and entering the courtroom]

If court is in session, enter the courtroom quietly, pause at the entrance, and bow toward the judge before taking your seat.

[Vision: Inside the courtroom]

Each courtroom is similar but may have some differences.

[Vision: Jury seats]

These seats are where the jury members sit.

[Vision: Public seats]

These seats are for public viewing.

[Vision: The dock]

This area is called the dock and is where the accused will sit.

[Vision: Bar Table]

The large desk in front of the public seating is called the Bar Table.

[Vision: Prosecution and defence teams seats]

This is where the prosecution and defence teams sit.

[Vision: Witness box]

This is the witness box where you will give your evidence.

You'll be asked to make an oath or affirmation binding you to tell the truth.

You will likely be questioned by the prosecution and defence.

[Vision: Courtroom cameras]

Also, there are cameras within the courtroom which will be used if you were giving your evidence from a remote facility.

[Vision: Courtroom television screens]

In those cases, you will appear on these television screens for the courtroom to see.

[Vision: Judge entering the room and bowing]

At the head of the room is where the judge sits.

As they enter they will knock on the door and an associate or tip staff will tell everyone to stand.

The judge will bow and all court attendees will bow back.

You will now be asked to give your evidence.

[Screen title: What do I do after giving evidence?]

A member from the prosecution team will meet you outside to let you know if you are needed further.

[Screen title: What if I need to come back?]

If your evidence needs to take more than one day, you will be asked to return.

A member from the prosecution team will let you know what time, and which courtroom.

[Screen title: What happens if I didn't give my evidence?]

If your evidence isn't heard on your court date, a member of the prosecution team will let you know if you have to return to court and when.

[Title end credits: Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria (and logo). Edited and produced by the Audio Visual Unit. With the assistance from the Magistrates' Court Victoria and Magistrate Holzer.]

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