Support services

No matter what your reason for being in court – or involved in a court matter – it is important you feel informed and supported.

The Victims Register

The Victims Register is a service that can give you information about the offender who was sent to prison for a violent crime.

If the offender applies for parole, the Victims Register will invite you to write to the Adult Parole Board to tell them how you might be affected if the offender is released on parole.

For more support and information, see the Victims & witnesses of crime webpage.

Bail support program

The Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) is a bail support program that aims to reduce the likelihood of people re-offending by assisting them to access support services such as: drug and alcohol treatment, crisis and supported accommodation, disability support, mental health and acquired brain injury services.

Mental health support

The Mental Health Advice and Response Service (MHARS) provides advice and support to people involved in the court system who may need mental health treatment or support.

Translators and interpreters

Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators
Australia’s most up-to-date and comprehensive on-line directory of practitioners, information and advice.

Other services

The most-used professional agencies, community organisations and support services for County Court matters are listed below.

Child Witness Support Service
Information and support for young people who have been victims of, or witnesses to, violent crimes.

Court Network
Non-legal support, information and appropriate referrals to other services, such as family violence services, victim support, housing, mental health and community legal centres.

Disaster Legal Help
Free legal advice and assistance for Victorians affected by a disaster. If a disaster occurs, volunteer lawyers will come to the affected community.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre
Non-profit organisation working to prevent and respond to family violence.

Federation of Community Legal Centres
Peak body for Victoria’s Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal Legal Services.

Justice Connect
Free legal help for people and community groups.

Law Institute of Victoria
Find a lawyer or other legal professional.

National Debt Helpline
Not-for-profit organisation that helps people tackle their debt problems.

Office of Public Prosecutions Victoria
Helping victims, witnesses and bereaved family members navigate the Victorian criminal justice system.

Salvation Army
Provides services such as counselling, rehabilitation, prison programs and family support.

Victims of Crime Helpline
Free information and support to help you manage the effects of crime and guide you through the legal process. Telephone 1800 819 817.

Victoria Legal Aid
Provides free legal advice and, if you can't afford a lawyer, helps you apply to receive legal assistance.

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
Free legal advice and representation for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community.

Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal
Need help resolving a dispute? VCAT may be able to assist. Find out how to apply, if there's a fee, and what documents you'll need.

Victorian Bar
All you need to know to find and engage a barrister.

Witness Assistance Service
Supports and guides victims and witnesses of serious crime through the court process.

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Page last updated: 15 December 2020