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Juries bring the values, standards and expectations of our community into the courtroom. Juries are made up of citizens selected randomly from the electoral roll.

If you receive a summons telling you to attend court for jury service, you should:

  • make a note in your calendar of the date you are required
  • tell your employer
  • keep your summons in a safe place because you need to bring it on the first day of your service.

You do not need to do anything else until after 4.30pm on the day before you have been summonsed. To check whether you are required to attend, follow the instructions on your summons.

Depending on the needs of the Court, you may not be required to attend on your summons date. It is possible your jury service may be moved to another date or cancelled.

What if I can’t go when required?

If you have a valid reason, you may have your jury service deferred or cancelled. Simply complete the statutory declaration on the back of your summons and submit it as instructed. Work reasons are generally not a sufficient reason to be excused from jury service, unless you are self-employed or work for a small business.

If your jury service is not deferred or cancelled and you don't attend court on the required day, you may face a substantial fine.


If you have an employee who has received a jury summons, please see the employers page to learn about your legal obligations.

Please note, the Juries Act 2000 (Vic) supersedes the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and all enterprise bargaining agreements and employment contracts, so it is important you familiarise yourself with your obligations.

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Page last updated: 27 March 2020