Self represented litigants in the Criminal Division

The Criminal Division has a range of guidance material if you decide to represent yourself in criminal or appeal cases.

This page provides you with access to process and procedural information, professional services and organisations that can help you. You shouldn’t take the information on this page as legal advice, it is here to assist you in deciding how to manage your case.

Criminal Jurisdiction Frequently Asked Questions

Attached is a document with frequently asked questions to assist you with the processes of the Criminal Division. It also contains information about the Melbourne County Court building, how to conduct yourself in court and general information about matters within the Criminal Division.

This document provides you with information on some of Victoria’s legal agencies and will guide you to the appropriate organisation to help with your legal matter/s.

Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court

Appeals from the Magistrates’ Court are heard at the County Court. This document provides you with information on processes relating to these matters.

Appeal (First Listings) and Intervention Orders Appeals

This document provides information relating to intervention orders and Children’s Court appeals heard at the County Court. Information outlining Appeal (First Listing) hearings, which is a short hearing to set the date for an appeal, is also contained in this document.

Adjournments and Bail/Surety

This document will assist you if you are not ready to proceed on the hearing date listed, or you would like more time to obtain legal advice and need to adjourn your case. Also, it will provide information on how to vary your bail conditions for reasons such as having moved addresses, you need to travel interstate or have had a change of circumstance that makes a condition particularly restrictive.


If an appellant or accused chooses to represent themselves, they will subpoena their witness to make sure they come to court and give evidence. They may also need someone to produce documents that would be useful evidence in court. This document provides information on issuing subpoenas in cases within the Criminal Division.

Fines and Costs

If a self-represented litigant is found guilty in a matter, a fine may be ordered as part of the sentence. This document provides information on how fines are to be paid, the enforcement process, what options are available in relation to payment plans, converting to community work and the processes for doing so.

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Page last updated: 13 September 2018